will you be here tomorrow?(w/ Aso & Mitchel Forman) by middle school ♫

This track was written about my cat (pictured above). She is always nearby and supportive of my music creation (unless it gets loud, she doesn’t like that). But every semester when I leave, I realize that she wont be here forever. She won’t be around to help me through the creative process. Over the years, I have found so much comfort in her company.
I do feel like Aric and I were on the same wavelength when starting this track together. (he probably wasn’t thinking about my cat though)As always, working with @aricogle is a great time.
Lastly, I grew up with a father who is a fantastic musician. I doubt I will ever match his skill as a player, but I think this track in particular is the first time we really get to play together. Thanks so much Dad!
intro is sampled from @norihitosuda he’s amazing!
Sorry for the novel,