FYÜTCH & Boba Sweat – Shining Star 🌟 by DESKPOP™️

The seductive duo is back, with an interstellar romantic banger meant to hypnotize your partner! FYÜTCH & Boba Sweat are ready to take ya body to tha stars ✨☆🌌★🌟 (EP out October 9th!!!)

Soundcloud ~ https://soundcloud.com/fyutch
Twitter ~ https://twitter.com/fyutch
Instagram ~ https://www.instagram.com/fyutch/
YouTube ~ https://www.youtube.com/user/futuretheartist

Boba Sweat on…
Soundcloud ~ https://soundcloud.com/bobasweat
Twitter ~ https://twitter.com/BobaSweat
Bandcamp ~ https://bobasweat.bandcamp.com/
Facebook ~ https://bobasweat.bandcamp.com/

art by Dylan McConnell
Instagram ~ https://www.instagram.com/tinylittlehammers/