Machinone – Hanayoubi / 花曜日 by _flau ♫

Pieni, Machione’s second album, means “small” or “little”. This title was inspired by an essay written by Japanese author. In the same fashion that Machione’s first album portrayed the western area of Tokyo, the artist again plays an array of instruments, such as the gut guitar, clarinet, banjo, and reed organ. His compositions and musical stylings show a deep emotional bond to pieces of scattered memories – scenes, and adventures from his childhood, and the loneliness of living alone in Tokyo. Machione precisely paints musical visions of each, and together, they reveal his persona in this evocative album. A child’s toy boat made of bamboo leaves drifts down a small rivulet, an exploration by following a rope between the steel towers. The tones from a music box sprinkled through the album evoke images of colorful pebbles. A prepared guitar’s song paints a pattern of blurred light. TC2610, repsold, water harp bell, broken, untuned and an old, decorative object…the songs that these unique instruments sing fluidizes our senses, and swings our imaginations. This panorama exhibited before us by Machione are scenes from a small town, one that you might have visited some time.