moon mask ‘boulevard’ by ZOOM LENS

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Following a brief hiatus from their role as culture-crossing, Asian-pop purveyor Ulzzang Pistol/U-Pistol, as well as a debut EP “irreversible” (2016) under newly found project moon mask, Zeon Gomez returns with a full band for their latest single “boulevard” off their forthcoming LP “Relapse” (2019).

Including the addition of new guitarist Felipe, drummer Julio Del Prado, and producer Romeo M Gomez, moon mask has expanded their synth-laden power-pop with more dream-pop heavy textures, yet still with a similar burn of nostalgia & forlorn romantic escapism & will.

“‘boulevard’ is about getting over someone by driving.” says Zeon Gomez. “I used to talk to this girl everyday, I fell in love with her and obviously that wasn’t mutual, so I distanced myself to get over it. So one day I got a text about how she misses me and our whole day convos, but I told her I just need a little bit of time because I don’t blame her for not liking me back, but i need to clear my head. So I would take on errands and give myself any excuse to ride my dirty white Honda Civic and drive around. Just driving so I don’t get to think about her – rain or shine just me and my car.”


Zeon Gomez – Vocals, Synths, Lyrics, Artwork
Felipe – Guitars, Mixing, Mastering, Additional Production
Julio Del Prado – Drums
Romeo M Gomez – Production