Lilac by Machinone ♫

Taken from 『Leaf Boat and Tiny Lighthouse』(Pieni bonus album)…ghthouse.html
『Leaf Boat and Tiny Lighthouse』
幼少期、東北での思い出を元に奏でられた、「Pieni」収録『leaf boat』から繋がる小さな町と灯台の物語。

flau shop と 一部の専門店にセカンドアルバムの特典としてつく14曲入り、手廻しオルゴール主体のPieniのプロトタイプ的作品。


A story of a small town and a lighthouse connected from “leaf boat” recorded “Pieni” recorded in childhood, based on memories in Tohoku.

Flau shop and some specialty shops entered 14 songs to be given as a bonus for the second album, prototypical works by Pieni, mainly handworking music box.