Meredith Johnston (warm human): Sound and Process # 15 by Sound + Process ♫

Over the years, I’ve been lucky to watch Meredith Johnston perform in a variety of contexts — improvisational comedy across Chicago, film (2018’s Pet Names), and most recently music under the moniker Warm Human — and every project is anchored in emotional exploration.

Her upcoming album, Ghastly, tells deeply personal stories through a melange of synths, vocal processing, and brilliant pop arrangements. As a producer, composer, and lyricist, Meredith infuses feeling into each bit of the album’s DNA. She tells her side of the story with a balance of ferocity and compassion that is, at times, both uniquely funny and absolutely heartbreaking. Ghastly will, no pun intended, haunt you well after its last track.

Throughout this conversation, Meredith unpacks some complex topics — her insecurities while performing live, navigating her ownership as a storyteller over shared experiences, and her struggles with different forms of addiction.